There are a variety of ways you can be involved in the community at WMB Church. For every stage of life, our community is here to walk together in following Jesus. Join us!

Home Groups

Families of Disciples on Mission

WMB Home Groups are places of discipleship, based on the Biblical concepts of family, discipleship and mission. These “Families of Disciples on Mission” are people doing life together, growing in their journey with Jesus.

Our Home Groups are diverse, both in make-up and location. They work through the elements of the 10-Year Disciple together, diving into scripture, following a conversation that accompanies our Sunday Morning services and stepping out into mission, inviting others to join this journey. Most groups meet weekly, in homes all over the city – a few even have members Skype in when they’re out of town! They share meals, stories, vulnerability, prayer, growth and much more.

Interested in joining a Home Group?

Our Home Groups form out of relationships, and so we encourage you to join in a Community Group or talk to people you know who are currently in a group. If you’d like help getting started, complete the following form.

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Discover Discipleship Series

WMB’s Discover Discipleship Series consists of six community groups which emphasize the goals of WMB’s 10 Year Disciple model. It’s a key place for welcoming and relationship building, and is a main source for the formation of Home Groups.

Each of the six community groups below meets periodically throughout the year in two- to five-week sessions, offered one night a week or in full Saturday venues. The groups can be experienced in any order. Discover courses are entry level courses for those new to a topic. Explore courses are for those looking to journey further in a discipleship area. Go Deeper courses are for those wanting to broaden awareness in a specific subject.

Discover Christianity

Learn more about who God is and discover what it means to follow Jesus. In small group conversations, consider topics such as who Jesus is, what a relationship with God looks like, forgiveness, grace and faith. Whether you’re new to faith, curious about God, or seeking refreshment in your journey with Jesus, this course is for you.

Discover SHAPE

Learn and understand your spiritual gifts and how God longs to intentionally use your experiences and talents to include you in His mission. Learn about the Holy Spirit’s empowering for service and ministry as we grow as disciples of Jesus. Get connected with others and discover your unique place of belonging and contribution.

Discover WMB

Gain an understanding of WMB’s mission, vision and objectives, and the various ministries that are part of our church. Learn more about our Discover Discipleship community groups, and our goals for the 10 Year Disciple. Hear about our story as a Mennonite Brethren church, and the role of membership at WMB. Completing Discover WMB is a requirement for membership.

Explore Mission

Explore what it means to be a “sent” people, given that God sent His own Son to us, and now sends us to the world. Hear about WMB’s three anchor causes, and how they are practically demonstrated in local and global ways. Learn how mission is key to our journey as disciples and how to participate at WMB Church.

Explore Community

Explore the call God has on our lives to be disciples in community with others and the joy of being a family of disciples on mission. We’ll unpack the Trinity and experience WMB’s vision for Home Groups as we learn, celebrate, bless, rest and worship together.

Explore Following Jesus

Explore following Jesus as a disciple in our contemporary context through this interactive study of the encounters Jesus had with ordinary people. Learn about who He claimed to be, about His Kingdom, and what it means to follow Him as a growing disciple at WMB Church.

Seniors Ministry

We seek to experience transformed lives for Jesus…
Living fully in this season of life!

Seniors Ministry at WMB Church seeks to meet the social and spiritual needs of adults ages 60+ (plus those retired earlier).

We are:

  • Growing in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • Learning to be life-giving and life-affirming.
  • Nourishing our souls so the joy of Christ radiates from us.
  • Confident that nothing separates us from the love of God.
  • Being transformed as we trust in Jesus.
  • Like rivers of living water nourishing our families, our communities and our Church.

Join us for our regular gatherings where we connect, worship, learn, pray, eat and serve together. See below for upcoming Seniors Ministry events, and fill out the contact form to connect with Gareth Goossen, Pastor, Seniors Ministry, and receive regular updates.

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What's Next

Women's Community Group

When women gather, great things happen!

Tuesday Morning Break is a weekly time for women of all ages to grow in faith, hope and love. Usually a focused topical or Bible study, women are encouraged in their spiritual journey with Jesus and with each other. “TMB” meets weekly in the WMB Chapel from September through May, 9:15am to 11am. Child care is provided, and all women are welcome!

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