Making Room for Christmas

DECEMBER 2-23, 2018

“Joy to the world! The Lord is come!” Someone put on the ritz, because Jesus is here! Imagine if the King of Kings and Lord of Lords showed up at your door – you’d probably break out the good china, set the table and ask a few questions. The hospitality would be a natural response to His arrival. And yet He has arrived – He came to this earth as an infant, Emmanuel, God with us. Responding to Him in our lives today means a posture of hospitality – making space in a crowded, noisy world. We need to make room not just to welcome God’s word, but to welcome strangers, the marginalized and to celebrate the true Light of the World.

December 2: Room for God [MESSAGE NOTES]

December 9: Room for Generosity [MESSAGE NOTES]

December 16: Room for Others [MESSAGE NOTES]

December 23: Room for Christ [MESSAGE NOTES]