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Difficult Conversations

MESSAGE SERIES | Sundays, May 7-28

What’s the hardest conversation you’ve ever had? You definitely know – or at least you’re recalling a collection of tricky interactions to choose from. How we interact with people matters. It matters so much. Christ calls His followers into relationship with Him and others in a posture of mutual submission – to submit ourselves, our interests and our power – in our workplaces and in our families, with people who are difficult and with our best friends among others. We’re not called to passive submission, but to be active agents of the living God here on earth. It’s a difficult calling! Following Jesus doesn’t take away difficult conversations but equips us to engage with them, as He did.

May 7: Difficult Conversations with Colleagues [MESSAGE NOTES]

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May 21: Difficult Conversations with Family [MESSAGE NOTES]

May 28: Difficult Conversations with “Frenemies” [MESSAGES NOTES]

Keeping Up with the Joneses

MESSAGE SERIES | Sundays, June 11-25

“What a beautiful picture. Look at that kid/dog/house. Check out that vacation. Look at those muscles. My life looks nothing like that. My kids/dog/house looks nothing like that. They have it so together. Their life is so easy. And mine is, well…”

Have you been falling into this kind of comparison trap?

As followers of Jesus we are not called to judge, compare ourselves with or envy others, but to love. And love does not envy, it does not boast and it is not proud.  It does not dishonour others, and it is not self-seeking. Love doesn’t play the comparison game. When we do, we lose ourselves, we lose perspective, and we start to believe that we need more and more and more. Instead of contentment, simplicity and joy, we crave and vie for worldly things – always putting ourselves first. But the gifts we have from God are not meant for a game of “mine is better than yours.” They’re meant for the Kingdom.  Instead of grasping, we ready to live simply and love generously for the hope of the Christ to be known?

June 11: The Comparison Trap

June 18: When Is Enough, Enough?

June 25: No Longer Living in a Selfie-centred World

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