June 24 Sunday Message at 9 + 10:45am

Me, me, me! It’s all about me! That’s the constant message of our world – even when we are faced with hard things, we usually only think about how they impact us. We protect our privilege with our resources, building up stockpiles of false safety.

But Jesus teaches an entirely different message – what you have, that’s meant to be given away. What you own? Let it go, follow Him. When we can let it go, we can truly begin to follow Him. After all, it wasn’t ours to begin with.

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June 24 | Better Together   

Spring Message Series – Jesus and other gods

In a society that has a diversity of religions and beliefs, we can often feel ill-equipped to enter into conversations about those very topics. Can we only play nice if we agree? Are we doing justice to any faith if we suggest everything is the same? It can feel risky to engage in dialogues with those we don’t understand or even disagree with. In this series we are going to ask some questions, locate our own answers within the conversation and get some insight into the nuances. Who is our God in a world of many, many gods

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June 3 | Jesus and Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva         

June 10 | Jesus and Buddha          

June 17 | Jesus and Joseph Smith       

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