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Are you there, God?

Sundays, September 10 – October 1 | Two services at 9am + 10:45am

There are some questions we ask a lot, and one we tend to come back to in the mess of life: Are you there, God? Because we are full of doubt, fear, worries and requests. We have a million hopes and even more questions. Where are You when we are in these places – asking, worrying, getting angry, doubting? You are higher than the heavens and the creator of every morsel, including us; how can we begin to presume to see You and name Your movement in our lives? Our series “Are You There, God?” will explore these questions and share practical places we can see God at work and celebrate the good news that He is present, active and answering.

September 10: Are you there, God? When I Ask? [MESSAGE NOTES]

September 17: Are you there, God? When I Worry? [MESSAGE NOTES]

September 24: Are you there, God? When I’m Angry?

October 1: Are you there, God? When I Doubt?

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Celebrating 50 Years of Vision

Sundays, October 8 – October 29, 9am + 10:45am

50 years! 50 years of celebration, 50 years of people seeking to follow Jesus, 50 years of trying new things, 50 years of learning and 50 years of vision. 50 years ago no one carried cell phones or took space travel for granted. 50 years ago, this corner of Waterloo was as far away from the south side of Downtown Kitchener as you could imagine. And 50 years ago, a group set out to reach the children, tell the story of Jesus and start a journey that lands us here today, asking the question: what do we do with the next 50 years? What is God doing? And what is required of us? Quite simply, we learn: to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly. And that’s exactly what we’ll do.

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