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April Message Series
DAVID – the man, the myth, the legend

David – Israel’s consummate king. The man after God’s own heart, defeater of giants, legendary songwriter. Wasn’t he a sinner just like everyone else? How can he be chosen king? Why would God make a promise to his family that would last forever? David isn’t simply one thing – he isn’t just a king or a man or a worshipper – he is many and all of those things. His life, the way God called him, the way David responds, repents, learns and leans into God reveals a life that is rooted in relationship with God.

April 8: DAVID – the man [MESSAGE NOTES]

April 15: DAVID – the myth

April 22: The Life of David – Jason Hildebrand [MESSAGE NOTES]

April 29: DAVID – the legend [MESSAGE NOTES]

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