Current Series

Fake News | Sundays, February 3-24

The bombarding media around us is often telling us what God has to say, rather than listening to God himself. This month, we’ll dispel some myths that are floating out there and look to scripture to discern what God truly has in store for us. It won’t always be easy as we explore some of these cultural “facts,” but we’ll be looking to Christ, who is always good.

This series will explore the 10 Year Disciple characteristic, “The Bible as a guide for life and knowing God’s character.”

February 3: “God just wants me to be happy” [MESSAGE NOTES]

February 10: “You do you” [MESSAGE NOTES]

February 17: “It’s all relative” [MESSAGE NOTES]

February 24: “God won’t give you more than you can handle” [MESSAGE NOTES]

Upcoming Series

At Your Disposal | Sundays, March 3-31

Each of us has a unique set of gifts at our disposal categorized by time, talent and treasure. How we spend our days, use the skills and abilities we’ve been given, and engage with money are incredible opportunities to give glory to God. He is the one who has poured Himself out for us – given us all that is at our disposal – and we want to live in response to His generosity.

This series will explore the 10 Year Disciple characteristic, “Stewarding God’s resources as entrusted.”

March 3: Time [MESSAGE NOTES]

March 10: Talent

March 17: Treasure, Part 1

March 24: Treasure, Part 2

March 31: Who is it all for?

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