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The Power of the Tongue

Sundays, November 5 – 26  | Services at 9am + 10:45am

Words are like arrows – swift and far flung. Or toothpaste squeezed from the tube that has no way back in. Or a crumpled piece of paper that can never be made flat again. Once words, good or bad, have left our lips, they cannot come back in. There are no take backs, no do-overs. Throughout November we are going to explore the power and caution of words – how they can give life or reinforce darkness. In a world of abbreviations, short forms and 140 character limits, how do we make the most of what we say?

November 5: Speak Life [MESSAGE NOTES]

November 12: Speak Truth (communion) [MESSAGE NOTES]

November 19: Speak your Heart [MESSAGE NOTES]

November 26: Speak Direction  [MESSAGE NOTES]

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Merry Christmas

December  | Services at 9am + 10:45am

Every year, no matter what has happened that year, December rolls around. While the world around is shouting refrains of “Merry and Bright!” we know that something much deeper is happening. There is a readiness we engage each Advent season, preparing not for being too busy or buying the latest-and-greatest, but for the birth of our Saviour. We get ready, we prepare, we anticipate and we look in wonder at the baby who will change everything. He had it all but He gave it all up. How can we do anything but wonder at this miracle and then respond with every part of our lives?

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