We live in a culture that teaches us to do what’s best for ourselves and to give into our own desires. But Jesus calls us to live for the benefit of the community, to love our neighbour as ourselves, to lay down our lives for one another, and ultimately to live an “others-centered” life. How do we do that? How do we live with others in such a way that the fruits of the Spirit, which are evident in Jesus’ life, are evident in the life of our community?

July 1: Now Patient [MESSAGE NOTES]

July 8: Now Kind [MESSAGE NOTES]

July 15: Now Self-controlled [MESSAGE NOTES]

July 22: Now Peaceful [MESSAGE NOTES]

July 29: Fruit of the Spirit [MESSAGE NOTES]

August 5: Now Gentle [MESSAGE NOTES]

August 12: Now Joyful [MESSAGE NOTES]

August 19: Now Loving [MESSAGE NOTES]

August 26: Now Faithful [MESSAGE NOTES]

September 2: Now Good [MESSAGE NOTES]