WMB Church Covenant for Existing Members

At the 2017/18 Annual General Meeting of the WMB Church Members, the Leadership Board invited existing members of WMB Church to participate in a fresh and significant way within our church family.

The WMB Church Covenant for Existing Members was introduced by Chris Stevens, Lead Pastor, who shared a vision for Covenant Membership that strengthens unity amongst our church family. The Leadership Board then invited existing members to consider renewing their commitment to the church community by signing the Church Covenant. This Church Covenant has been signed by all new members since January 2016, and by all staff and Leadership Board members.

Below you will find the presentation given by Chris, the letter of invitation from the Board and the WMB Church Covenant for Existing Members. Below, you will find additional background documents to which the Covenant refers to.

Our prayer is that WMB Church would continue to hear Christ’s call for God’s people to be a collective witness for Him, in our homes, city and world.

If you have any questions, or desire to meet with a member of the Leadership Board please email membership@wmbchurch.ca.

AGM 2017/18 Covenant Membership Presentation
Letter of Invitation and the WMB Church Covenant for Existing Members

More Information:

WMB Church General Operating Bylaw (2004)

WMB Church Mission & Vision