As you journey with us at WMB, you’ll often hear the key phrase “making more and better disciples” from our mission statement. What does this mean?

To start, we define a disciple as “one who increasingly brings all of life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and leads others to do the same” (SOMA). To help each of us progress in this lifelong journey of submitting daily to Jesus’ Lordship and becoming more like Him, we’ve developed a tool called “The 10 Year Disciple.”


The 10 Year Disciple

The 10 Year Disciple is a list of characteristics - discernible behaviours, attitudes, experiences and internalized truths - which come out of deep convictions and beliefs and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. These characteristics are discernible traits we would expect to see in the life of someone who has journeyed with us at WMB Church for 10 years as we communally submit our lives to Jesus. They’re not items to be checked off a list or something we arrive at, but indicators of growth in our lifelong discipleship journey.

Each of the fifteen characteristics of a 10 Year Disciple, outlined below, is categorized within one of three key relationships:



Growing in a personal and intimate relationship with our Creator

  • Identity is rooted in Jesus and the Father’s love

  • Yielding to the Holy Spirit

  • Practising communication with God

  • Bible as a guide for life and knowing God’s character

  • Joyful and contemplative worshiper of God

  • Responding to God’s grace with repentance

  • Stewarding God’s resources as entrusted



Growing in love for and commitment to God’s people

  • Committed to the Church

  • Engaged in Christian community

  • Practicing mutual submission



Growing in love for our neighbours, local and global, and sharing with them the gospel message

  • Engaged in a life of witness

  • Practicing hospitality

  • Seeing the workplace / school / neighbourhood as ministry

  • Actively taking risks for the sake of the Kingdom

  • Having a global vision and a heart for the nations 


10 Year Disciple Resource Guide

The 10 Year Disciple Resource Guide is a booklet that explains each characteristic and provides tools and ideas for growth in your own discipleship and for inviting others alongside your journey. Click below to download the guide or pick up a hard copy at the Info Desk at one of our sites.


A Firm Foundation

At WMB, we are all about “making more and better disciples” so in 2018, we launched a Disciple Maker Devotional: A Firm Foundation to encourage discipleship no matter where you are on your journey. Discipleship is not a solitary journey. While you will be asked to reflect and pray in your own space, what we learn and apply must always be brought to, and tested by, community. Through this devotional, we invite more people to submit their lives to Jesus and to continually take steps in this process of humbling ourselves. Click below to download the guide or pick up a hard copy at the Info Desk at one of our sites.


Take a Next Step

Wherever you’re at in your journey with Jesus, we want to help you identify and take your next steps to grow as His disciple.