Home Groups are small groups of people seeking to follow the ways of Jesus in community. They’re the place where we can process and digest what we learn on Sunday mornings and figure out how to apply our learning in real life, together.

Our Home Groups are diverse, both in make-up and location. They work through the elements of the 10 Year Disciple together, studying scripture and having conversation around topics introduced in Sunday morning services, and they step out into mission as they invite others to join the discipleship journey. Most groups meet weekly, in homes all over the city – a few even have members who Skype in when they’re out of town! They share meals, stories, vulnerability, prayer, growth and much more.


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We would love to welcome you into a Home Group! A few times throughout the year, we host a three-session event called Group Launch – a chance to join with others who are also seeking community. Group Launch, in January and May, is the best way to connect into a new group. In between, our existing Home Groups are happy to welcome new members. Either way, the first step is to contact our Pastor of Home Groups, Sarah Whyte, and she’ll take it from there.

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