Current Series

The Elephant in the Room: Controversy in the MB Confession of Faith
June 2-30

Imagine sitting in a room, serenely sipping some water, chatting about your day with an elephant standing next to you – a giant, loud, not-so-house-trained elephant – and nobody mentions it. Not a soul. Or, imagine playing soccer with an elephant trumpeting away in the middle of the field, and everyone just passes the ball around the giant animal as if it’s not there. That’s an “elephant in the room” – the thing that everyone simply isn’t talking about even though it’s incredibly awkward. At WMB Church, we follow the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith – one way of understanding Christianity among a multitude of denominations” – and many of the key convictions it professes come with tension. In this series, we’ll explore just a few of our beliefs that might be considered controversial and ask how they impact our day-to-day lives.

This series will explore the 10 Year Disciple characteristic, “Committed to the Church.”


Upcoming Series

Timeless: Lessons from the Old Testament

SUMMER SERIES | June 30 - September 1

Gideon, Hannah, Daniel and Darius – to name a few. The Bible is story after story of real people who had real experiences with God. People who struggled, who overcame, who trusted, who questioned, who failed, who loved, who lost. Even with all of our technological advances, people are still people. We still learn and try and fail and hope. This summer, we’ll explore biblical characters of the Old Testament, recognizing the connections we have to them. And as we do, we’ll celebrate the truth of the God who loves us all.  


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