Bible Reading Plan

Life is a journey of continual growth and discovery. Through the personal and corporate disciplines of Bible study, prayer and worship, we will continue to develop and mature in our relationship with Christ and others.

If you do not have a daily Bible reading plan, we recommend going to the Our Daily Bread website, or pick up a booklet from the information rack in the foyer. Large print booklets are available from the Church Office.

Understanding the Bible

Pastor Chris Stevens has written a 24 page guide, “Helping You Understand The Bible & Discover God’s Will For Your Life” to help you understand how to read the Bible accurately so that you can discover God’s will for you

To view the guide on your computer or device, use the Single Sided Version.
If you have a two-sided printer, you may print a booklet of this guide using the Double Sided Version.

Care Resources

KW Community Resources

WMB has compiled a list of resources in the KW Community that we feel may be helpful to you in areas such as:

  • financial need
  • health care
  • addictions
  • mental health
  • parenting resources
  • new Canadian assistance
  • employment assistance
  • counseling and bereavement
  • and more

We do our best to provide accurate information. Please note that this document may not be a complete listing, and WMB Church cannot be held responsible for any interactions with these organizations or any changes to their programs. If you have questions or suggestions regarding this listing, please contact Wayne Porty.

View the full list of community resources.

Your Wedding

Planning to get married? Congratulations to you! Planning a marriage starts well before planning the big day. At WMB, we have a pre-marriage mentoring focus, emphasizing God’s design for marriage, care and encouragement from mentoring couples to engaged couples, and the development of areas such as communications, conflict resolution, finances and intimacy.

Because of the schedules/programs of regular WMB ministries, we can only accommodate weddings for WMB members and adherents. WMB Church may not be booked for receptions or rehearsal dinners.

To be married at WMB and/or by a WMB pastor, members and adherents are required to do the following:

  1. Contact the church office to check the availability for your desired wedding date and request a pastor.  The church sanctuary will be temporarily held for you until you meet with a pastor to confirm your wedding.
  2. Meet with a pastor to discuss the possibility of them officiating your wedding and to review the pre-marriage process at WMB.   A meeting with a pastor will be arranged by the office.
  3. Contact us to complete your registration and rental information (if applicable).  Paper copies are available at the church office.
  4. Complete Pre-Marriage Mentoring. WMB holds marriage in high regard, so we want to provide resources to help you prepare for, and succeed in your marriage.
  5. Meet with your marrying Pastor and plan your ceremony.The pastor will meet with you 2-3 times prior to your wedding day to review your pre-marriage work and help plan your ceremony. Your pastor will also help you plan a rehearsal to practice all of the details of your ceremony.

For more information, please use the following form to contact the Church Office

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Budget Worksheet

You can use this worksheet, provided by Barnabas Ministries, to help identify the money you have coming in, the money going out in specific expenses, and to track any debts that you owe. Please print copies of this worksheet as needed.